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When Accepting Credit Cards Computer Based Systems Have Lots of Benefits!

When Accepting Credit Cards Computer Based Systems Have Lots of Benefits!

When most businesses start taking credit cards a big question mark arises when trying to decide what type of equipment to use. For most the standard land line terminal applies and fits the job perfectly or in other cases a wireless unit will fulfill the needs of the merchant.

However there are several businesses out there that need a more sophisticated system that allows detailed reporting and doesn’t use small slips of paper. Often times professional service businesses or invoice based businesses need to be able to quickly and easily bring up customer information as well as be able to set up re-occurring transactions. For these types of businesses a standard land line terminal may not be the best option.

A new system known as the “Trinity” program is a great example of a computer based credit card processing program. I personally prefer it over a software such as quickbooks file doctor, because it allows the user to access it anywhere there is a computer with an internet connection and on any type of computer.

When setting up a re-occurring transaction or a repeat monthly bill with a land line terminal the user typically has to constantly call the customer and re-enter their card info upon each transaction as well as keep the small easy to lose slips of paper in a file. With computer based systems the data can simply be stored in the program and exported to a number of bookkeeping friendly files. Also a software or program totally eliminates the need for an extra piece of hard ware at each work station and the messy addition of extra phone lines.

Other benefits for professional service businesses especially those that have a repeat customer type client base is that the customer data is easy to search and bring up when they return for another visit or purchase. Imagine a Doctor’s office that could just keep you card information on file (which most do anyway) and just charge your credit or debit card with out the card even being present.

So for any business that wants to get more reporting, fast service, and add easy repeat billing a computer based program like the “trinity program” is a great way to go. Not to mention most to all softwares are much cheaper than terminals!