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Category: Health & Beauty

Women often complain regarding their thin eyelashes which singlehandedly bring down the entire look. Sometimes the eyelashes fall abruptly and void spaces are created in between the firm eye-lines. Eyelashes normally fall like hairs but the unexpected numbers can be alarming and might signify any medical condition undetected. The fall of eyelashes also means that the individual is using too much makeup or mascara and is not using proper techniques to remove them every day.

Reasons behind the fall

The normal physiological trend is to lose few lashes in every cycle but the unexpected numbers can cause panic among the ladies. In fact, the count might be alarming and the eyelids may look awkward. Due to alopecia, the individuals lose all their eyelashes and even the eyebrows. It is better to seek professional advice when the loss is incomparable.

In some cases, it has been noted that the patients suffering from abnormal functioning of thyroid gland cause unnatural fall of eyelashes. The void space takes a time to refill. Some of the patients also report that the eyelashes area abruptly falling due to the use of certain medications.

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?

The lack of nutrition in a body can also result in the formation of proper eyelashes. The density is eventually lost when someone has less protein in the diet. Vitamin C and A are very important for the healthy growth of the eyelashes. Due to irregular food habits and eating junk food, the lashes weaken and eventually fall.

There is a myth that ladies tend to believe regarding the growth of the lashes. The symptom is not considered good and it should not be. The alarming rate should be met with proper medical attention. On the other hand, the normal loss can be recuperated within few months.

An eyelash takes 2-3 weeks to originate in the void space. The lash takes almost a month to gain its proper shape. Once the growth stops, the next phase where the eyelash enters is called the resting phase. In this phase, the eyelash remains in the resting condition for around 4 months to 9 months. Eventually, after reaching the maturity stage, the lashes fall and are replaced by the newer ones.

As per the experts, when the eyelashes are lost during the growth phase, it takes time to refill the void. If the eyelashes are lost during the resting phase then the regeneration process initiates early. It means that the void will be filled within one to four months time for sure.


Now that you have learned that the void will be filled with new and dense eyelashes, you will not warm up your eyelash curlers. Eat healthily and keep your eyelashes safe from the application of too much mascara. Even if you apply the cosmetics, try to remove them gently with the aid of proper measures. Avoid rubbing the eyelashes vigorously or the action might pull off the lashes in large amount.

The eyes are the most admirable part of a woman’s beauty. Take a good care of the eyelashes and stay attractive.